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We are a Singapore based company specialized in making souvenir coins for tourist.

We paid particular attention to design and finishing which is crucial for the attractiveness of the coins. Hence, a beautiful image, exquisite alloy and milled edge are imperative for tourist collections.

We make brass coins, nickel silver coins, aluminium and tin bronze coins, gold and silver colored coins. In our coin minting facility, we can certainly make the perfect custom coin for you. Typically, the coins have diameters are over 30mm and sophisticated 3D designs on both sides.

Unique everything

We have millions of one-of-a-kind items, so you can find whatever you need (or really, really want).


Directly from someone who put their heart and soul into making something special.


The coins have diameters are over 30mm and sophisticated 2D or 3D designs on one or both sides

Our Product

Souvenir coins are one of the best-selling souvenirs in most countries, offering the best value for money compared to other souvenirs.

Why souvenir coin?

Memorable – symbolize the attractions

Durable – non-perishable and last for many centuries

Portable – easily take along in the pocket

Collectible – require minimum shelf space

Affordable – low cost

Our Service

Customised souvenir coins for all occasions or events:


Grand Opening

Commemoration of events

Door Gifts

Wedding / Birthday

Provide us your photo’s or your concept and our designer will prepare the 2D artwork for your approval.

Upon approval, we will make the mould which typically takes 1-2 weeks for production

Free sample of 5 coins will be provided before proceeding with mass production

Customised packaging and covers available

No order too small!

Partner Attraction Scheme (PAS)

You choose the design of the coins and the machine. For more in-depth information about manufacturing coins, go to our ABOUT US page

Once the design of the coins and dispensers is approved by you. The production can start

We install the coin machine at your location

Maintenance of the machine will be provided by us

Opens to all attractions, place of worship, museums, etc

Partners get to approve the design prepared by our in-house designer

Vending machines will be installed at partners’ venue at our cost

We will take care of the maintenance of the vending machines and replenish the coins

Monthly sales reports will be provided, supported by the printout generated from vending machines.

Revenue sharing with partners on monthly basis.

Significant income for partners with virtually no cost!


Commemorating 700 years of history
The Singapore Bicentennial in 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore – a key milestone in our rich and storied history. But our story did not start in 1819. It actually began in 1299.
For over 700 years, we have been open to a diverse flow of people and ideas, and connected to wider geopolitical currents, all of which shaped our evolution. Our history is a rich and expansive one – the journey of an island that has never been constrained by its shores, but has always been made from more.  We created 6 souvenior coins to commemorate Singapore Bicentennial

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